Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Canfod Cartref ~ Home Finder? 

Canfod Cartref ~ Home Finder is Carmarthenshire County Council’s new way of advertising social housing for rent, and low cost homes to buy, online.


How does Canfod Cartref ~ Home Finder work? 

We, and our partner landlords, will advertise our available properties online on a weekly basis and if you have an active housing register application you can express your interest in these properties by placing a 'bid'.

How do I join?

Contact us on 01554 899389 and we will talk to you about your circumstances.  We will give you a housing reference number and password to log on to the site so you can start your application process. Once your application has been verified you will be able to bid each week with your reference number and password. You will only be able to bid on properties that match your requirements.

Available homes

How are properties advertised?

We advertise homes on a weekly bidding cycle that runs from Thursday midnight to Monday midnight. You can view our available properties on our website during this time.  If you are unable to use the online bidding service you can call us on 01554 899389 to place a bid or make an appointment to see someone at a customer service Hwb.  Bidding will be open Friday to Monday every week (online bidding will be available during evenings and weekends) but appointment-based bidding is only available on a Friday or Monday.


Will you advertise all of your properties?

Yes, all general allocations will be advertised.  However, a small amount of our vacancies will be let directly in cases where emergency housing is needed or extra care schemes.

What information will be shown on the adverts?

Information on our vacant homes will be as accurate as possible to help you decide whether it is right for you. 

Information will include:

  • The area that the property is in

  • The number of bedrooms it has

  • The rent and any other charges

  • The landlord

  • Information about any special features (e.g. adaptations such as level access shower)

  • Where possible, a photograph or Google Street View will be provided

What about properties for people with disabilities?

  • Our adverts will explain if the property has any special adaptations and we will give priority to people who have an assessed need for these features first.

How will I find out which properties have been let?

You can see which Band a property has been let to and how long that person had waited by looking at our Recent Lets ‘results’ page.


Bidding for a home

What is a Bid?

A bid has no monetary value. It is purely your expression of interest in a home that is available.  There is no restriction on how many bids you can make each week. 

Simply log on to Canfod Cartref ~ Home Finder using your housing reference number and the properties you are eligible to bid on will be shown.


Will I get help with bidding?

Our staff can help guide you through the process until you are able to do this for yourself. 

You can get help by visiting our customer service Hwb in Llanelli or Ammanford or by calling us on 01554 899389.  Alternatively you can nominate a trusted friend or family member, support worker or carer to bid on your behalf.

All applicants will be monitored to see if they are bidding regularly. 


I have bid on a number of homes.  What if I come up first on the shortlist for more than one property?

There may be instances where you are top of more than one list (if you are in the highest band, with community connection and the longest waiting time). When this is the case our first offer will be the home that best suits your requirements.

Does it matter when I bid?

It makes no difference when you bid - the shortlist is not looked at until the bidding cycle closes at midnight each Monday. Being the first or last person to bid will make no difference. 

How do I bid?

There are different ways to bid - the most popular way to bid is online, but you can also bid in any of the following ways:

  • Visit a customer service Hwb or any of our partner offices – you will need to make an appointment

  • Call us on 01267 234567

  • Nominate someone to bid on your behalf - a trusted friend, family member, carer, support worker etc

Can I bid for properties outside of the area I said I want to live in?

Yes, but there are local connection and community connection rules which mean anyone with a connection to an area through immediate family or housing history will be prioritised within their Band, over those who do not. See our Allocations Policy for further information.

We will only advertise homes that are within Carmarthenshire.

How many bids can I place?

You can place bids on as many properties as you like, so long as they meet the needs of your household. The bidding cycle runs from midnight on Thursday to midnight on Monday. If you try to bid after the cycle has closed you will be too late.


Will I be told if my bid is unsuccessful?

No. Because of the large number of people who are bidding on homes every week, unfortunately we cannot contact all bidders. We will only contact successful applicants, usually the Tuesday after the cycle has closed. 


I’ve been given a reference number and I still can’t bid, what do I do?

If you have called us and been given a reference number the next step is to log on to the website and make an application. Your application will be assessed (usually within 10 working days) and you will then be able to bid on the available homes. If you need help to make an application you can contact us for assistance on 01554 899389.


What happens if I need help to bid over the weekend?

Don’t worry – bidding doesn’t close until midnight each Monday, so you can contact the office Monday to get help if needed. It doesn’t matter when you bid – it won’t change where you are on the shortlist. 


Allocating homes based on priority

How do you decide who gets priority?

Our Allocations Policy has been written to reflect what the law says, and to reflect our local priorities. Advertising vacant homes via Canfod Cartref ~ Home Finder will not change the order of priority for allocations, as per our policy.

What if I am homeless?

You will still be able to bid on properties advertised. 

What if I have rent arrears or a history of anti-social behaviour?

If you have arrears or a proven history of anti-social behaviour you may not be considered a suitable tenant, and we may not allow you to register for re-housing with us (as per our Allocations Policy). We will always let you know our decision and advice how you may be able to re-join the register.

Will my priority be removed if I refuse an offer?

Yes, your priority will be removed if you refuse an offer of a home that meets your needs and for what we would see as an 'unreasonable' reason for refusal. If this happens, you will be removed from the register. You will need to ask for a re-assessment if your housing circumstances change. 


Can I view a property I am offered before I decide to accept it?

Yes - we encourage you to view a property before you decide whether you want to accept an offer. Viewings will be arranged for the applicant at the top of the shortlist after each cycle closes. 


What if I don't agree with a decision you have made about my application?

You can ask us to review a decision we’ve made about your application by emailing us at SCHOptions@carmarthenshire.gov.uk You will need to explain why you don’t feel the decision was right. Further details on your right to review can be found in our Allocations Policy.